A vintage Bride at Burrows Lea Country House • Documentary Wedding Photography • Surrey Wedding Photographer

Speaking with Matthew and Cathryn before their day I knew that it was going to be a lovely and relaxed wedding. The weather was glorious and really emphasised everything beautiful about Burrows Lea Country House, from the fabulous marquee outside with gorgeous countryside views, to the stunning rose garden with a pond running through used for cocktails and canapés, it really is a beautiful venue. 

After capturing a few battles with bow ties at Matthew’s (!) I then headed to Cathryn who was getting ready at the venue – a fab idea to get rid of any travel hassle.  I was in awe of her vintage style dress with red flowers on and custom floral lace additions. It was stunning, and whilst Cathryn was getting her hair done, the whole look really did come together – she looked beautiful! The custom headpiece was a work of art in its own right – absolutely gorgeous and 100% original.

The wait to walk down the stairs for the ceremony was a little longer than first thought as the registrar had hit bad traffic, but everyone at Burrows Lea was so lovely and there was no time pressure put on at all. When he arrived things moved swiftly into action, deep breaths were taken and heels walked down the stairs and down the aisle. You could see everyone loved this unique bride!

We moved smoothly from getting hitched to celebration mode as confetti was thrown, champagne poured and nibbly bits, nibbled! We took some time out to capture family portraits and then I had a lovely walk around the grounds with the newlyweds. There is a perfect walkway just below the rose garden, which provides both bride and groom with that bit of protection from gazing eyes, and a bit of privacy (apart form me!).

The entertaining speeches kept the celebratory spirit going, with lots of laughter and smiles, all 6 speeches were great fun - they all did fabulously well! One surprise of the day was after the first dance the brave newlyweds took to the stage themselves and sung for all their guests – it was a true shock moment for everyone, and the words and emotion meant there were very few dry eyes left afterwards.

I can’t describe how nice a day it was for me, it was an absolute pleasure to capture, definitely a wedding I couldn’t wait to edit! I wish both Matthew and Cathryn many more years of love, laughter, spontaneity, and good old fashioned fun!

“No there’s nothing that I wouldn’t do, to make you feel my love.”

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