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The snapper, snapped!

The snapper, snapped!

Why I do what I do

Inspired by travelling and all of the amazing colourful places around the world, I love creating more than what you see, colourful and creative images, placing objects/people/buildings/windows in between myself and the subject. Placing things in the foreground and background to create a unique shot and a unique take on the scene. I absolutely love creating these type of images, and it's this passion that keeps me coming back for more!

More about me

I have always loved the still image. From a young age, I took control of the camera on holidays and family events, and this continued through my teens – earning me the nickname ‘Paparazzi’ among my friends. I have always loved capturing the natural, unposed, unforced moments, when people are at their most comfortable. This candid, reportage style of photography continues in my work; I love to evoke emotion in the viewer and make them look twice at the finished image. My experience travelling adds a unique quality of colour and contrast to my work, life is colourful - lets embrace it!

I like to work quietly around the fringes of the scene, capturing precious moments without the subject realising. So I spend the majority of shoots in a ghost-like fashion, only making my voice heard for the occasional family composition. I hope to make my shoots as much fun for the client as possible, just giving occasional direction and letting the natural laughter, love, and smiles just happen.

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