Natasha and Emma • Northbrook Park • Farnham • Blossoms and Ribbons • Documentary Wedding Photography

Having been to Northbrook Park before, I knew it was a stunning venue and was so excited to be back there again for Natasha and Emma’s big day. 

I turned up as the guests were arriving and the venue looked stunning, the flowers were an absolute masterpiece and as I saw Natasha arriving and Emma walking down the aisle I knew that it was going to be a stunningly beautiful day. 

The ceremony was full of love and laughter - you could tell how much Natasha and Emma loved each other, it was obvious to see. Laughter rang through the conservatory throughout the service and tears followed as their personal vows were read. 

It was a gorgeous day weather wise too, slightly overcast, which people always think isn’t great but trust me when I say it’s the most flattering light you could have at a wedding, there is no harsh shadows and no squinting eyes - so flattering!

After the ceremony, I went for a short walk around the venue with Natasha and Emma, it’s so nice to take the couple away after they’ve said hello to their friends and family. You’re with people the whole day so it’s nice just to be with each other alone, especially in Northbrook Park as there are so many little areas and nooks that we can use and grab some really nice intimate moments together. I especially love the wood store at Northbrook Park - slightly odd, I know, but it gives such an interesting backdrop.

To get your seats in the reception you had to take a shot which I think is a fabulous idea getting the party started straightaway. It was clear to see the relationship between Natasha and Emma was built on fun and laughter, throughout the whole day they were giggling and making each other smile, it really was a stunning day with two stunning Bride’s at a stunning location, I wish them all the best in their future together, I know that they’ll be laughing together for a very long time.

“Love is the flower you’ve got to let grow.”

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Venue: Northbrook Park
Flowers: Meadow Folk
Videography: Anneka Ireland videography 
Make up: Laura Anne Makeup 

Chris and Chrissie • Old Marylebone Town Hall • The Rose Pub • London Wedding • Documentary Wedding Photography

Having worked previously with Chris it was an honour to be asked to shoot his wedding! On meeting with him and Chrissie it was clear that the main priority was to capture the day as it happened, naturally and in a relaxed unposed way, which was fab as that’s how I love to work! They only needed a few hours of photography just to cover the ceremony, a few family shots and the beginning of the celebrations, this worked really well with my Route 66 package which is worked out on an hourly basis.

I started shooting about 15 minutes before the ceremony started, it was a lovely ceremony focused on friendship and a joining of soulmates. Old Marylebone Town Hall is a beautiful location inside and out, it can get quite busy especially on a Saturday and after the ceremony we were only allowed to shoot outside (in the rain!) but their guests were absolute troopers, they zipped up their coats and braved the typical London downpour - I was very impressed!

It is always a really fun additional to the day if I can jump in the car with the bride and groom between venues, it always gives another insider perspective of the day and is often a really intimate time that I can capture, as it was this day, with their daughter travelling with us too.

Arriving at The Rose I knew that there was a spot opposite that was covered that looked out at The Thames that would be perfect for couple and family shots. Even though it was raining, the light was gorgeous, really flattering and soft, it was so fun capturing Chris and Chrissie here, and we made it quick and informal which was key! They had let me know before that they hated posing and thought they were both unphotogenic (as many people do) and they only wanted one nice photo of them both - this is a common wish from most of my couples, I was over the moon when they received their images and said they love them all!

“The most beautiful of photos is taken when you are happy, happiness is the most beautiful emotion you can wear.”

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Ceremony: Old Marylebone Town Hall
Reception: The Rose