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It was a fantastically warm sunny day for Sandra and Samuel’s wedding, the Spanish guests on Sandra’s side definitely brought the weather with them! I knew that they absolutely loved the thought of natural images of their day, pictures that showed their character and not staged or forced awkward smiley ones! This was music to my ears - natural all the way!

The ceremony was lovely, and it was very obvious that the language of love was far greater than spoken language as Sandras side knew what was happening even though not fluent in English. The giggles and smiles made it clear how much they loved each other, I really do love seeing it, it’s an emotion that is so strong and I get to see it first hand each week - dreamy!

My favourite part of the day was the couple photos, we had a great amount of time plus a golf buggy (!) to go around the grounds and get some really cute moments together. I never ask for too much time for the couple pics, but having a good 45 mins allocated makes the world of difference, it just means we’re not rushing and you can relax together and enjoy being just you two for a little while. Sometimes, if timings have overrun, it’s normally my time with you that gets squeezed, as the caterers and venue normally still like to get food out at the original time, which is great for the guests and every other supplier, but for the photographer, we’re then asked to create magic in 5 mins! Not a relaxing as it should be! Rant over, because this wedding had a fab amount of time! 45 minutes around the grounds, the sun was still shiny and starting to set which gave to a softer glow, the golf buggy gave us all the giggles as Samuel tried to start it, a gentle breeze started blowing which worked beautifully with Sandra’s hair and dress, it was just so lovely. Couples tend to always worry if they’re ‘doing enough’ as I don’t instruct them how to put your fingers or to tilt your head slightly to the left etc. I always reassure them, you just do you, if you’re doing that, you’re doing everything I need and more!

Heading back in, Sandra and Samuel were both super relaxed and made their way into speeches which were a roar! The dancing topped off the night as all their guests got involved, what a fabulous day! I wish them the happiest of lives together, and many more sun filled, relaxed, love drunk days.

“I love you more than I have ever found a way to say I do.”

Venue: Woldingham Golf Club

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