Will and Marisa • Love is the whole world and the smallest grain of sand at the same time • Eton College Chapel Wedding • The Queens Eyot • Documentary Wedding Photography

It was an absolutely stunning day for Will and Marisa’s wedding, the heat of the sun beat down on the cobblestones of Eton College as the guests made their entrances. Having visited the venue beforehand as I always do, I knew that Eton College Chapel was an absolutely stunning Church, very regal and lavish with its enormous organ and vaulted ceilings, however, even though it takes your breath away with its vastness, it somehow maintains an intimate feel, and felt extremely personal, warm and private for my Bride and Groom. The walk down the aisle has never been so impressive, stately and yet so touching, cherished and emotional!

I absolutely loved how Will and Marisa had such personality in their day and made their day unique with each detail; the readings during the ceremony were read by multiple friends having a line or so each, and during the signing a friend played beautifully on the grand piano. Everyone gathered together after the ‘I do’s’ to celebrate with champagne in the courtyard to quench their thirst before walking together towards the river down the high street to get to the boat which then took us all on an hours journey up river to the stunning private island named The Queens Eyot. The details at the venue were made by the Bride’s sister and personalised for their love of travel and their mixed backgrounds, lawn games filled the grass and a string quartet welcomed us all along with another glass of champagne!

The speeches were epic too, probably some of my favourites to capture! The rain threatened a little bit but we were determined for the speeches to be outside, and the weather Gods allowed us an hour of dryness so we were able to stay outside, the light was just perfect, and the speeches, especially the bridesmaids is definitely on my top 5 best speeches ever! 

The day was so inclusive, it really felt like every single person was a close friend or family member, everyone was just so happy! I can safely say as I made my way back over the river my cheekbones ached like mad from the amount of smiling I had done!

“Be happy for this moment. This moment is life.”

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Ceremony: Eton College Chapel
Reception Venue: The Queens Eyot