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The colours of this wedding really got my creative juices going with contrasting backgrounds and foregrounds, and the wind on the day adding to the drama including blow away veil. Alistair and Liz’s location was stunning, a working farm with gardens, lake, donkeys, chickens and hens with a marquee outside for a bar and the sun shining in on the barn it really was a perfect location to get married.

The ceremony was very touching with poems and words being read that meant a lot to both Alistair and Liz, it’s always lovely when there are personal touches in a ceremony, it really adds to the atmosphere and includes all your guests in the emotion of the day. 

The tears were followed by laughter as the veil blew out of Liz’s hair during the confetti line, and laughter turned into love during the couple shots by the lake as they took a private moment as a new Mr and Mrs.

I speak a lot about colour and contrast when it comes to photography and this wedding had both in abundance - from the strong harsh sunlight beaming in against the dark beams in the ceremony that was purely lit by fairy lights, to the contrast again during the first dance where the setting sun hit the newlyweds and left everyone else in the dark. The dryness of the day and the lushness of the couple shots by the lake, to even during getting ready, the gorgeous red hair of the bride against the blue cupboard in the background, such small inanimate object can really draw you in creatively because of colour, it’s almost I kind of magic that happens when looking through the lens.

Contrasts make life colourful and colours bring out the contrasts of life, I really loved that this wedding embraced both! Alistair and Liz and their relaxed attitude really allowed my creative juices to flow, they trusted me with locations and timings during the day and really allowed me to capture the documentary aspect and the natural reactions of the day without boundaries. I was allowed to be the people watcher/stalker that I am!

“Colours are the smile of nature.”

Venue: Grittenham barn
Hair: Debbie Leno 
Makeup: Nicola Louise 

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