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This was such a beautifully relaxed wedding to photograph. When I first met Celia and Thomas it was clear that the main thing to capture was just fun, happiness and natural reactions of their friends and family. 

They were getting officially hitched earlier in the day with their kids in tow and only wanted their party celebration captured. This was later in the afternoon when the kids had been dropped home - letting the adults play! I turned up as their guests were arriving, they used a beautiful old hall in Richmond that they had made their own, with hanging fairy lights, a help yourself open bar, hand made bunting, a pizza truck, old school rock band and a 50’s tribute singer! I would expect no less from a bride and groom who were so cool and chilled, donning shorts and a red dress for their celebration. 

They mentioned during the pre wedding consultation that they didn’t really have any pictures of just the two of them and would like a few, but they weren’t keen on posing or smiling for the camera and wanted to spend the majority of their time with their friends. So making sure that we spent only 10 minutes away, we went for a little walk around the grounds with their drinks and grabbed a few natural shots of just the two of them. They laughed and joked, caught up on guest gossip and really enjoyed the little bit of time together. It’s so important to do this as for the majority of the day you are like ships in the night! 

Returning to the hall they had speeches and pizza, as the sun set, the bands lasers and smoke machines started (setting off the fire alarm!) and they danced long into the night - it was a dream to capture all of the fun! I know that their life together will be one filled with love and laughter - what a fabulous way to live!

“Each love is unique, make it your own, and own it!”

Venue: Petersham Village Hall

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One of the family • South Farm Wedding • Documentary Wedding Photography

This was a very special wedding for me. How often do you get to know all the members of a family - and love them all!?!  I have grown up with the McKinney family; gone to school with my bestie Annie, performed on stage with Phoebe, been on holidays with all the McKinney ladies with so many stories to share, and many more stories to keep under wraps (!) and shared my love of photography with Sheila and Andy. So when I was asked to capture Jen’s big day I was overwhelmed! 

Everything about the day was so beautiful - the setting of South Farm was idyllic, a beautifully bright coloured farmhouse surrounded by gorgeous flower and kitchen gardens, with the occasional peacock, pig and chicken thrown in there! Jen’s dress was created and made by her sister Chloe and her other half, it was stunning and we knew that it was the only one in the world like it! She looked absolutely stunning walking down the aisle, due to the weather we couldn’t go for an outdoor ceremony as it was a little risky but inside the barn was gorgeous, adding to the personal touches was Jen’s sister Phoebe singing during the signing - a stunning moment.

After the vows and confetti line, the guests chilled out with drinks, ice cream and games whilst I went for a little walk with the newlyweds for their couple photos. The love they have for each other is beyond words. The evening drew in quickly and darkened the skies with rain in perfect timing for the meal and speeches. The moving of guests and hilarity during speeches was caught throughout the day through Sheila’s (Jen’s Mum) pinhole cameras which were set up around the venue. Using old bottles and other containers these long exposures are an art form which Sheila is an expert at, having many images in galleries and exhibitions (a true inspiration). 

The day went super quickly, as it usually does when you’re having fun! It was truly a day I won’t forget, watching a sister from another mister get married and being honoured and trusted to capture it! 

Love you guys.

“Family is not an important thing, it’s everything.”

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Venue: South Farm

Hair: Styled by Sophie 

Makeup: Faces by Katie Frost