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Meeting Clare and John at our pre-wedding consultation I knew that we matched each other perfectly. They hated super posed and staged photographs and really wanted the natural moments of their day to be captured, blending perfectly with the documentary style I love.

Arriving in the morning, I love having a few hours before the ceremony to capture details and moments before the ‘rush’ starts. The ‘rush’ happens at every wedding, it’s when the time goes from a nice easy pace to suddenly an hour to go – after that, each time you look at the clock it’s another 15 minutes gone!

Heading to the Church, I got to meet Clare and John’s gorgeous child, their dog Gryff! He had a little neck scarf on with ‘best dog’ and he honestly lived up to that name. He didn’t make one noise during their ceremony, in fact, he looked on at them as they kissed and said their vows, it was the cutest thing! Another personal additional was that John’s father conducted the service and married them – this wedding certainly had all the feels!

Driving themselves to Woburn Golf Club, we found a back lit area for the family shots before heading upstairs for the speeches and meal. Clare and John had only close family and friends attend their meal, everyone sat around one big table and ate, drank, laughed and cried together. I absolutely loved the vibe this had; it made everyone so comfortable and really highlighted how much they meant to Clare and John.

As the evening guests started to arrive we were able to use John’s golf club connections to borrow two buggies and head onto the course to capture some beautiful golden hour couple shots. Leaving these shots until 7pm is normally quite late, but when the summer sun is as fierce as it was that day, 7pm becomes ideal – softer light, warm and flattering, and also less risk of sweating!

I absolutely loved capturing Clare and John’s day, it was a true depiction of love and family, and I hope that their future together continues being full of joy.

“It was always you.”

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Venue: Woburn Golf Club

Flowers: Forever Blossom Uk

Willen Lake • The Peace Pergola • A perfect wedding second time around • Documentary Wedding Photography • Buckinghamshire Wedding Photographer

This was a wedding focusing on family and close friends. Having married years ago but forced to invite people they didn’t know or want there (!) Sanjeev and Savita decided to marry again the way they wanted to.

Because of this it was a very small affair, but it was exactly what they wanted. No pressures from anyone else, they had those who loved them supporting them through their day. Don’t you wish all wedding guest lists could be this straight forward!

After tying the knot we headed to The Peace Pergola at Willen Lake Park; only 5 minutes from their house it was the perfect location for their couple shots. Savita said that when they were looking around at the area when buying houses, she saw this monument and said, ‘we have to live here’, they both walk their beloved dog here everyday, and Savita has often sat in the peaceful pergola and imagined her wedding photos there. So it really was a meaningful location for their couple shots, which always gives that extra something special when the couple look back over their day. I could see just how happy they were to be able to take photos here, and it was beautiful to see.

Moving into the reception, again it was lovely and laid back due to them having only very close family and friends there, so relaxed in fact that Sanjeev had an hours nap after the meal! It proves how tiring a wedding day is, it takes it out of you emotionally and physically, especially when you’ve been planning and organising all of the elements for years/months leading up to the day. Once you are married and you know it’s been a success and everyone’s enjoying themselves, it really does hit you like a ton of bricks, the element of relief and happiness and love, a swell of emotions all bundled into one.  

I wish these two every happiness going forward, it’s so nice knowing that now, even after all these years, they finally had the wedding they dreamed of.

"Sometimes you have to be selfish to look back without one regret."

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