Jess and Joe • Littleton Park House • Shepperton Studios Wedding • Down the Rabbit Hole!

I met Jess at Shepperton Studios wedding fair, and knew from then that her Christmas wedding would be so fun! Getting ready in the hotel by the church she only had a short walk to marry her fiancée Joe, the old Shepperton square is so cute, with the hotel backing into the river and Christmas trees decorating the buildings and church, it was beautiful. 

The weather was absolutely perfect, beautiful sun, crisp air and clear skies, after the “I dos” the guests threw the confetti and then grabbed themselves some hot chips and mulled wine! Jess and Joe has always said that they weren’t overly fussed about getting the static formal family shots and wanted the focus to be on candids, which is always music to my ears. They only wanted a few couple shots by the river, so whilst their guests were sipping on mulled wine we walked 1 minute down the road to grab a little quiet moment together before heading back, at which time the bus taking the guests to the reception venue had turned up! 

Their children issued wedding bus tickets to the guests as they stepped on board, Christmas songs were blasted throughout the trip and beer glasses chinked together - I absolutely love getting guests to travel together, it keeps the energy and celebrations going and everyone always loves it!

Shepperton studios had their Christmas party the same week as Jess and Joes big day, the theme for the party was Alice in Wonderland, and they fully embraced it for their wedding! Why not!?! You get your whole wedding styled for free! It was amazing to rock up to the venue from the bus to be greeted by statues of cards, mood lighting, wonderland quotes on the walls, moss and greenery styled tea sets amongst everything else! It really did feel as if you were going down the rabbit hole! 

The speeches brought tears to the guests eyes and the magic of the day was topped off by an awesome chair trick, that I’ve stolen for myself to use(!) and the first dance and father/daughter dance were truly magical with 5 confetti canons being popped throughout - if you’re humming and har-ing about confetti canons during your first dance - DO IT! 

“Have I gone mad? I'm afraid so. You're entirely Bonkers. But I will tell you a secret, All the best people are.” 

Venue/mulled wine and chips!: Warren Lodge Hotel
Reception: Littleton Park House, Shepperton Studios

See the love through the fog • Littleton park House wedding Photographer • Shepperton Wedding Photography • Natural Photography

It was a magical foggy day for Kate and Ben’s wedding. Having popped my head into Ben first and I then made my way to Kate’s to capture her getting ready. It was lovely and relaxed with all the family there and multiple cups of tea and sandwiches! Kate looked stunning as she got ready surrounded by her families art collections on the wall, her pale pink dress shone through the fog as she walked outside to catch her bus to the church. The bridal party packed onto the big red bus and headed two minutes down the road, it made for some fab shots!

She glowed as she walked down the aisle! The ceremony was beautifully personal with her sister and maid of honor performing with the church’s band. The cake cutting and reception drinks were started in the church straight after the newlyweds signed the register. It was a lovely way to include all of her guests and all of the well-wishers at the church that would not be at the meal later on. We managed to get outside for some quick couple shots before we lost the light; the ceremony was at 2:30 and lasted for an hour on the 30th December so you can imagine how quickly we lost it! We even managed to get a few of the family formals done outside before we moved inside the church to finish them off.

Heading to the fabulous Litteton park house in Shepperton Studios the guests piled back onto the big red bus. This is such a fabulous way of keeping the energy and party going, as the guests travel together between venues. It was beautifully decorated with gold candles, bicycle spokes and fun alcoholic games based on doping (as they both love cycling!) the speeches led into the first dance, and as the newlyweds stayed on the dance floor, their guests followed, making it a great party to capture!

"Dare to dope?"