Natasha and Emma • Northbrook Park • Farnham • Blossoms and Ribbons • Documentary Wedding Photography

Having been to Northbrook Park before, I knew it was a stunning venue and was so excited to be back there again for Natasha and Emma’s big day. 

I turned up as the guests were arriving and the venue looked stunning, the flowers were an absolute masterpiece and as I saw Natasha arriving and Emma walking down the aisle I knew that it was going to be a stunningly beautiful day. 

The ceremony was full of love and laughter - you could tell how much Natasha and Emma loved each other, it was obvious to see. Laughter rang through the conservatory throughout the service and tears followed as their personal vows were read. 

It was a gorgeous day weather wise too, slightly overcast, which people always think isn’t great but trust me when I say it’s the most flattering light you could have at a wedding, there is no harsh shadows and no squinting eyes - so flattering!

After the ceremony, I went for a short walk around the venue with Natasha and Emma, it’s so nice to take the couple away after they’ve said hello to their friends and family. You’re with people the whole day so it’s nice just to be with each other alone, especially in Northbrook Park as there are so many little areas and nooks that we can use and grab some really nice intimate moments together. I especially love the wood store at Northbrook Park - slightly odd, I know, but it gives such an interesting backdrop.

To get your seats in the reception you had to take a shot which I think is a fabulous idea getting the party started straightaway. It was clear to see the relationship between Natasha and Emma was built on fun and laughter, throughout the whole day they were giggling and making each other smile, it really was a stunning day with two stunning Bride’s at a stunning location, I wish them all the best in their future together, I know that they’ll be laughing together for a very long time.

“Love is the flower you’ve got to let grow.”

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Venue: Northbrook Park
Flowers: Meadow Folk
Videography: Anneka Ireland videography 
Make up: Laura Anne Makeup 

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It was such an honour to photograph Joseph and Michael’s wedding! The day was so special from start to finish, with unique moments throughout. The day included them both walking in together to be married (such a cute idea) swinging on a playground zip line, adding their dogs into the couple photos, scrambling through hedges to get into a field and a bubble monster (!) I’ll explain more later!

Joseph and Michael were up for anything, and that just makes my heart leap with joy when couples trust me and aren’t afraid to go a little off road for their photos! After their ceremony, we headed to the pub they had hired out - dog friendly, which was good for the 6 or so dogs I met that day with the guests! We went straight away and started the couple shots as the sky was threatening, and the light wasn’t going to stay around for too long. We started off in the park and then spotted a hole in the hedge, Joseph and Michael even said it before me ‘can we go through!?!” Yes! Most definitely! So we ended up ducking through this hedge and ending up in a freshly ploughed field – I loved the shots here, much more secluded from view, so we could get some gorgeous intimate shots of these two adventure seekers.

The rest of the day went beautifully smoothly, it had a real family feel. The love and tears were in full flow for the first dance - super emotional, everyone had smiles on their faces, tears were rolling down cheeks, and then the bubble machine had a bit of a fit and started to create this mass of bubbles on the floor that kept growing! Needless to say tears turned into hysterics! What a fabulous end to the day! I wish Joseph and Michael every happiness in their future; thanks for letting me capture your day!

"Laughter is the way to keep love alive"