Katie and Chris • Hartsfield Manor • Surrey Documentary Wedding Photographer •

It was a cloudy rainy day as I pulled up outside Hartsfield Manor, but that didn’t take anything away from its beauty. The great thing about this venue is that it is beautiful on the inside as well as the outside, so I knew that we would still be able to get some beautiful shots. 

I meet Katie and her bridesmaids in an upstairs room as they were doing their finishing touches, the nerves were clear to see, they were very organised and were all ready quickly. I always suggest timing it so you put your dress on, have a 5 minute breather and then head on to the ceremony, just so you’re not waiting around in your dress. This way you avoid any potential spillage on, or spoilage of, the dress and you limit the time sitting around getting nervous! 

The nerves had really built by the time we headed downstairs for the ceremony, but wow did it look beautiful, the stunning room over looking the gardens was beautiful, and Katie and her bridesmaids looked fab walking down the aisle. As we knew the day was questionable weather-wise we had the confetti thrown inside as they walked back down the aisle as a married couple, this is always a great option if the venue allow it.

After letting the guests and newlyweds grab a drink and have a chat, I knew that it has stopped raining and swiftly grabbed the guests needed for the formal shots and got these done outside nice and quickly. It was great being able to get these with the Manor in the background - thank you weather Gods! It stayed dry for the couple shots too although it was still very wet so we stayed on safe ground for the dress, using the gravel and the stone entrance way at the front of the building and then we grabbed some on the stairs inside too. There’s always a way of getting outside as long as you trust me I can make it happen! 

“It was always you.”

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Venue: Hartsfield Manor

Dramatic skies, sand, and sirens • Portsmouth Wedding Photography • Natural Wedding Photographer

Well, how do it start with this wedding day. I can easily say that this has been the most dramatic wedding I have ever had the privilege fo capturing. We knew rain was forecast, but as I turned up to the Skylark Golf Club near Portsmouth the sun was shining on the magnificent old barn in which the ceremony was going to be held. Spirits were high as the guests began arriving, the sunshine beamed down and contrasted beautifully with the darkening skies above. Rain was coming!

As the guests all has a few arrival drinks in the main club, it started, we hurried over to the barn as it really started coming down. I love capturing dramatic rain shots, and the guests arrival through umbrellas and golf buggies was fabulous! Two umbrellas covered Emma as she stepped out of the car, following the ring bearer, which was the family dog! The ceremony was beautiful, with a chair and cushion put aside at the top of the aisle for the brides nan who sadly passed before the big day. The theme of family and unity ran strong throughout the ceremony with a candle being lit in memory of her nan, the family dog as ring bearer and a beautiful sand pouring ceremony which symbolized the joining of two families and the creation of a new family as one.  Laughter filled the barn when the story of their proposal was told, and no one noticed that the rain had stopped and the sun had come out! Perfect timing!

We gathered everyone outside for the group shots and confetti. In the middle of organizing the groups, an air ambulance suddenly got very close, and eventually landed on the green next to the barn, two normal ambulances and two police cars whizzed past as we were told to hold off going back to the main club due to a health emergency.  Both bride and groom were exceptionally relaxed about this, proving what truly lovely people they are. After a good half hour, the guests were escorted into the main club; everyone was hoping that the poor gentlemen who needed help was ok. We managed to get some fab shots of the newlyweds with the dramatic skies behind them just before it absolutely bucketed it down again. I have never seen rain like it. The windows went white with hail, the courses flooded and gutters were spilling everywhere. A truly dramatic day, but with the most beautiful couple and their family – I absolutely loved capturing their day and wish them all the best for their future.