Sapna and Kunal • Old Marylebone Town Hall • The Personal Touch • Sparkler Wedding • Documentary Wedding Photography

It was such an honour to be asked to shoot the civil ceremony part of Sapna and Kunal’s wedding celebrations. Having gone to school with Sapna, it made it even more special to be a part of her day, she mentioned before that she wanted each part of the day to be as personal as possible, with their videographer being a friend from University, me, their photographer, being in School with Sapna, and the celebrations afterwards being at their brand new home together - the personal touch was definitely achieved. 

Having already had a few days of celebrations and religious marriage ceremonies, I was only needed for a few hours on their civil ceremony day. I met them up town at The Old Marylebone Town Hall, where I’ve shot a few times. The venue on a Sunday is really lovely and chilled out compared to Saturday’s there. This gave us much more space to capture photos and allowed for clean backgrounds, especially during the couple shots, it also allowed us to use the internal staircase for a few shots too before the next wedding came along. On a Saturday, it’s not possible to use the internal staircase as their are multiple weddings going on at the same time and the stairs are the main entry and exit so have to be kept clear. 

Even though they had already been religiously married, the nerves were still clear to see as they both said their civil vows. We moved quickly after the ceremony to get all the group shots and couple shots, we then headed back to their new home. The evening drew in and it was perfect for their sparkler entrance! I loved capturing these photos, they really do have a magical feel! I left them celebrating with their family and friends, it was a truly heart warming day, and a complete honour to be a part of.

“Sparkle, baby, sparkle!”

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Venue: The Old Marylebone Town Hall

Rachel and Brad • Belair House • London Wedding Photography • love, laughter and a touch of insanity •

I have never in all my years of wedding photography captured a ceremony this full of laughter! My face was hurting by the end of the day I was smiling and laughing so much! 

Rachel and Brad were clear from the start that their day would be full of character, fun and silliness to really represent how their life’s have been together. They wanted the personality of their guests and themselves to be caught, they wanted to see themselves in the photos and not a posed cold couple. This was music to my ears and I knew that we would blend perfectly together, focusing on the natural, candid moments I loved documenting their wedding story. 

Captured at Belair House, a beautifully unique venue, I caught their day as it unfolded, from the double decker bus not fitting under the trees, to the sexual innuendos and misspoken words during the ceremony, to Rachel’s shoe coming off during the couple shots. Everything, warts and all (though they were definitely not warts!) were captured. Your day is not a magazine shoot, it is you; it is your family and friends, it is every moment, tear, and laugh. Documentary photography in it’s essence is truth.

Rachel and Brad’s truth was just filled with laughter, as you’ll see in their images, laugh after laugh after laugh. That’s who they are as people and it shone through on their day. It was truly an honour to capture, I smile whenever I look at their images, and if a photo can make you smile that’s my job done! I wish them a continued life full of laughter, and I have no fear that this will be the case!

“Love, laughter, and a touch of insanity!”

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Venue: Belair House