Josee and Ben • Ashdown Park Hotel • Winter Wedding • Documentary Wedding Photography

Josee and Ben’s day was truly beautiful. Making their way from a relaxed morning of getting ready, the bridal party arrived (just a little late!) at the church. The weather was gorgeous, sunshine lit Josee and her father’s path as they paused slightly before heading down the aisle. Having been told that I was only allowed to capture the ceremony from the back, I knew that I had to get creative, so during hymns I would move around quietly to the side and slide into the aisle, there was also a side room that was free and I managed to capture a few shots from inside there - it’s always a good thing to check when you get married in a Church. The wishes of the Priest differ massively depending on Church and how strict they are. One extreme example - I was allowed to take pictures but only from outside of the main door!

We moved quickly through the family photos and confetti throw as it was cold and the reception venue was an hours drive away, which is unusual, but trust me it was worth it!

Arriving at Ashdown Park, it was obvious that all the excitement of Christmas was embraced by the couple. From the reindeer decorations and hot coco station to the twinkly fairy lights and all the Christmas trees that were dotted around the venue, the Christmas spirit was strong, and these lovebirds looked perfectly at home underneath the massive tree in the foyer. 

The main wow factor though was the reception room. Walking up the stairs, the reveal of the room took your breath away; with its vaulted ceilings, massive ornate organ and its stunning stained glass windows it truly was a talking point. Josee said this room was the main reason they booked the venue and took the hours drive to get there. Boy was it worth it!

“Life is not measured by the breaths we take, but by the moments that take our breath away.”

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Venue: Ashdown Park Hotel 

Makeup and Hair: Rosie Scott

Flowers: Blush Floral

Rachel and Brad • Belair House • London Wedding Photography • love, laughter and a touch of insanity •

I have never in all my years of wedding photography captured a ceremony this full of laughter! My face was hurting by the end of the day I was smiling and laughing so much! 

Rachel and Brad were clear from the start that their day would be full of character, fun and silliness to really represent how their life’s have been together. They wanted the personality of their guests and themselves to be caught, they wanted to see themselves in the photos and not a posed cold couple. This was music to my ears and I knew that we would blend perfectly together, focusing on the natural, candid moments I loved documenting their wedding story. 

Captured at Belair House, a beautifully unique venue, I caught their day as it unfolded, from the double decker bus not fitting under the trees, to the sexual innuendos and misspoken words during the ceremony, to Rachel’s shoe coming off during the couple shots. Everything, warts and all (though they were definitely not warts!) were captured. Your day is not a magazine shoot, it is you; it is your family and friends, it is every moment, tear, and laugh. Documentary photography in it’s essence is truth.

Rachel and Brad’s truth was just filled with laughter, as you’ll see in their images, laugh after laugh after laugh. That’s who they are as people and it shone through on their day. It was truly an honour to capture, I smile whenever I look at their images, and if a photo can make you smile that’s my job done! I wish them a continued life full of laughter, and I have no fear that this will be the case!

“Love, laughter, and a touch of insanity!”

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Venue: Belair House