Frezia and Farzad • Persia mets Pakistan at beautful Lillibrook Manor • Documentary Wedding Photography

Lillibrook Manor really was the perfect backdrop for Frezia and Farzad’s wedding. They had a week of celebrations already and this was the cherry on top! 

The daylight was short so I knew that we would have to move quickly after the ceremony to get shots outside. So after Frezia was handed over by her mother and after the vows and the “I do’s” everyone started the celebrations off by grabbing a handful of confetti and throwing it high over their heads as they walked through their confetti line as a married couple. 

We went for a quick walk around the grounds of Lillibrook Manor, which is just beautiful, there are so many little nooks and different backgrounds, it really is a playground for photography! The light was gone by the time we finished, (we were only out about 20 minutes) but we finished off with the stunning fairy light backdrop of the main barn which was perfect.

Heading inside they were greeted with cheers and clapping, the smiles and happy tears followed during the speeches and the energy of the day kept flowing as the meal finished and the evening guests arrived. Oh what a night!

I always say to Brides and Grooms that if you want a full dance floor all night then you need to dance! Your guests will follow you, no one is going to leave a bride and groom on an empty dance floor! This is exactly what this gorgeous couple did, and that dance floor was full all night! With the smiles, the dancing, the mix of Persian and Pakistani cultures and the fairy lights in the background of Lillibrook manors main barn - everything came into place perfectly! 

“I could’ve danced all night, and still have begged for more”

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Venue: Lillibrook Manor

What happens when the Priest gets married? A beautiful celebration in Potters Bar • Documentary Wedding Photographer • Church Wedding

It’s very rare to be able to shoot a Priest’s wedding, even rarer to have been lucky enough to work alongside the same Priest at his cousin’s wedding a few years ago. Word of mouth is my biggest form of advertising and when family members of past Brides and Grooms come to me for their own wedding photography it always feels like an old friend and has a very special feel to it.

This feeling was added to on this wedding day, as it was the Priest himself getting married! This meant that the church service was absolutely packed! Friends, family and congregations from across multiple churches and communities came along to celebrate these two getting married. Good job his Church was a fabulous size!

The ceremony itself was absolutely beautiful, with everyone involved really giving it all their heart, the choir sang beautifully and moved the Groom to tears, which was just beautiful to watch. After the ceremony we went straight out and hid the newlyweds around the corner to do a few quick couple shots before heading back out of the doors to a fabulous confetti line, which was nice and quick to organise. It was fab to then follow them to a hotel on route to their reception where we could grab a few more intimate photos in the gardens away from the eyes of their guests.

 Leading into their reception they followed two Dhol drummers, which then led to a great dance off before the meal! This was a surprise for their guests and it went down like a storm – everyone loved it! The fun and games continued during speeches with the Mr and Mrs game - played with feta cheese for the Greek grooms side and rice for the Brides side! Mr and Mrs is always a fabulous way to get laughs and get the party going. It really was a beautiful day, filled with family and love; I wish them all the happiness in their future, and many more belly laughs together!

“Therefore, what God has joined together, let not man separate.” - Matthew 19:6

Venue: Trent Park Country Club
Couple shots: West Lodge Park Hotel

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