A summer wedding at Shendish Manor • Shendish Manor Wedding Photographer • Natural Wedding Photography

It was a truly beautiful summers day for Rebekah and Graham's wedding; blue skies, and warm sun. She took getting ready in her stride and all the bridesmaids did a fantastic job at keeping the atmosphere calm and relaxed. There were lots of smiles and laughter throughout the day, and the bond I saw between father and daughter before entering the church was tear inducing - it was a truly touching moment. The smiles and laughter continued on into the reception and the speeches, beautiful toasts and funny stories of 'remember when...' We finished up when the party was in full swing, drinks were flowing, and you couldn't see anyone without a smile! My cheek bones were definitely sore the day after!

St Matthew's Bride and Groom session

This was a shoot with just the bride and groom, sometimes couples prefer taking their shots together the day after their wedding so that they can focus on the day and the people instead of being taken away from everyone. We walked around St Matthew's Church in London, and walked through courtyards and streets to get some lovely variety in the shots. Although it was quite chilly, this young couple were a dream to work with, and you could see they were truly in love.