Late afternoon at The Royal Festival Hall on Remembrance Day • London Wedding Photographer • Documentary Wedding Photographer

This was a very last minute booking – a week before! They only wanted 2 hours of photography for this one, so I knew I had to try and get as much of their day in as possible, which is quite hard in such a limited time period.  Plus it was a 3:00pm wedding in November so the light went very quickly! It helped that the venue had fabulous views over the Thames; you could see the London Eye, Houses of Parliament and Big Ben (under the scaffolding) all from the ceremony room.

Of course, as soon as the guests saw the view they were out on the balcony taking pictures – who wouldn’t! There was a trapped shoe incident from one of the guests, instead of helping out I stood back and captured it – so sorry, all in the name of art right!?! It’s little moments like these that add to the fabric of your day, those little moments that make up the whole picture.

The ceremony had 4 readings form guests and the Brides brother was playing the trombone, which was very unique. Afterwards everyone headed downstairs for the cocktail hour, with another balcony looking out onto the Thames everyone’s spirits were high, we managed to grab a few group shots here and then take the Bride and Groom up stairs to have a few couple shots before the light went.  

2 hours is such a short time to try and create a rounded picture of how your day panned out, I find myself clock watching a lot, especially during this one as the welcoming line after the ceremony took the most time I’ve ever known one to take! It’s lovely that their guests wanted to have a good conversation with the newlyweds rather than diving straight in for the champagne! Hopefully you get a feeling of the day in these images.

“Time, oh time, wouldn’t you just stop for a while.”