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There was no rain or sun at this quirky wedding, but that didn’t mean there were any less rainbows! Arriving together with their friends and family, Becca and Cara made quite an entrance. A quick word with the registrars and they were swiftly into the ceremony; it was a gorgeous moment as Becca’s son handed over the rings and their friend serenaded the room with a beautiful acapella love song. 

Speaking with the happy couple beforehand, I knew that they really wanted to focus on natural shots, and didn’t want any staged formal images of their guests. It is music to my ears when Bride’s request this. It means that the images I capture of their friends and family aren’t staged at all, there are no awkward smiles or grimaces in some cases (!) and it doesn’t take up any time during the day that could otherwise be spent celebrating.

With this in mind we threw the confetti, and then the guests were warmed up on the pavement outside with a selection of alcoholic beverages! This loosened everyone up even more as we then strolled along the promenade and then the beach towards the next brilliantly extravagant venue.

I loved being on the beach and capturing these natural walking moments, it was really nice to have a little bit of time together with the newlyweds for (just a few) shots of them together before heading to the ‘Eastenders’ style buffet in the pub – Becca’s words! Everything about their day was as relaxed as possible, with enough drinking time and no mad schedules. It really allowed them to mingle and speak with all of their friends – which can be a very rare thing!

The laid back approach to their celebration had no effect on the love they had for each other. You could tell that they adored one another, that they were meant to be and that all importantly love is love, is love, is love. 

"Love is love, is love, is love."