Barnett Hill Country House Hotel • The Beast from the East • A Gorgeous pair who braved the elements • Documentary Wedding Photographer

It was an absolutely bitter day when I arrived at Barnett Hill Country House Hotel. The sun was shining but the Beast from the East was making itself known. Thankfully it was lovely and warm inside, and the ceremony room looked beautiful – in fact, the entire internal Hotel was equally as beautiful inside as it was outside, with beautiful soft light shining through the big windows, which is quite a rare thing! So I wasn’t worried at all with the prospect of taking the majority of photos inside knowing that with the temperatures being minus, the guests wouldn’t want to venture outside for too long.

I left Alex in the ceremony room waiting for his Bride, and went upstairs to capture a few images of Olya moments before she walked down the aisle. Wow, she took my breath away, standing perfectly in beautiful soft window light; it was like a picture from a magazine. She radiated beauty throughout the ceremony and even managed to brave the cold to get a few shots outside with her new husband.  We did a short circuit of some of the gardens before warming up inside by those beautiful windows. The stairs at Barnett Hill also gave a gorgeous backdrop to a few images, along with the chandelier and checkerboard floor. There were so many beautiful spots to choose from, it really was a treasure trove of discovery!

My advice to any couples getting married would be to consider the inside of your venue as well as the outside when you are choosing your perfect location. Yes, ideally it will be a beautiful, warm day with beaming sunshine, but, as this wedding showed, even bright sunshine still doesn’t come out on top when that arctic air is blowing in! It’s always good to have a backup location for internal photos in the case of severe weather. You can never be too prepared!

“External beauty is great, but internal beauty is magical.”