An intimate wedding and a stroll on the Southbank • London Wedding Photographer • Documentary Wedding Photographer •

Knowing this was only a 3 hour wedding shoot I knew that we would have to work quickly to get some fabulous moments for these two hard working students. 

Having only two friends there as witnesses and no one else - made the whole time seem extra special and personal. There is always a different feel to a small wedding, you feel honoured to be able to witness it, and be one of the small amount of people to be there when it happens, it creates a strong bond of trust which is so unique, I love it! Any wedding at a registry office is very strict in not being allowed to have anything religious or even vaguely spiritual involved, so when one of the witnesses stepped forward to sign and we learnt that his first name was Jesus laughter filled the room "Jesus was here after all!" - the registrars joked.

Flowing nicely out into the gardens we captured some lovely intimate moments with the newlyweds and their friends before getting ourselves into a wedding taxi to take us to St Paul's. I love travelling with the Bride and Groom, it brings out some fabulous natural shots and continues the story of their day. 

We jumped out at the cathedral and then proceeded to walk across the Thames and along the south bank towards their reception location. This was when we could really have some fun! London is so diverse with the old and new and we could grab so many gorgeous varieties of shots, we made good time and could play around with our surroundings which they were really up for! I love a couple who are down to do things a little differently! 

This was a wedding that proved you can capture a lot in a small amount of time and you can have fun doing it!

"When the noise stops - I still love you."