Sunflowers, secret gardens, and wonderful walkways • Documentary Wedding Photography • Natural Wedding Photographer • Hampstead Heath Wedding Photographer

Having visited Hampstead Hill Garden and Pergola with Tara and Jack beforehand, I knew that this wedding was going to be absolutely stunning! Tucked away from prying eyes these hill gardens and walkways made me so excited to capture their big day. Last December I had captured her sisters wedding in Edinburgh which meant that I knew a lot of family there, making it again, that extra bit special.

A unique touch to their day was them walking down the aisle together - the sun beamed down on them as they walked hand in hand between their rows of friends and family. The ceremony was beautiful and had laughter throughout - I have never seen such a giggly bride! It was absolutely gorgeous to watch, they were both so happy and the whole day had such a fabulous feeling of joy about it.

After their ceremony we walked around the walkways together capturing the newlywed’s smiles and laughter, I loved this location; there were so many different nooks and hideaways to capture beautiful intimate moments. We then headed to meet the rest of their guests waiting to get on a coach to take us to the reception venue The Old White Lion. The journey to the pub was eventful, with the coach squeezing through narrow residential streets and at one point a few guests had to jump out to direction the driver around parked cars! It’s all part of the day, and all captured! That’s what I love about capturing moments and not staging moments – it’s always your day, as it happens, warts and all.

The reception at the hired out pub created such a lovely relaxed atmosphere, everyone was at their best during speeches with hysterical laughter that continued through all of the jokes and stories. Tara had said to me previously how important it was for her that the party was captured, I know that the party doesn’t stop at the first dance, and that to finish your wedding story you need the dancing shots afterwards – I always stay for a minimum of an hour after the first dance, to finish your story, and capture some great shots of you and your friends enjoying the night, like the shots captured from this fabulous day!

“She was laughing even as we kissed and kissed again. There is no better taste than someone else’s laughter in your mouth.”