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Katrina and Matt’s Wedding at the gorgeous Tewin Bury farm couldn’t have been any better! The venue can hold more than one wedding on the same day, but because it was a Thursday, we were extremely lucky that this was the only wedding on! This meant we could have access to all of the different areas around Tewin Bury, when at other times we would’ve have been allowed to use them.

This was fabulous for the couple shots, as we were able to go for a walk around the grounds and get lots of variety in our shots. The day was full of love, with Trina’s closest friends around her in the morning and personal moments throughout, with readings by both mums, and a song during the signing from her bridesmaid/hairstylist extraordinaire Sophie, who is a great friend I’ve worked with on a few weddings now. The little details throughout the day just made it! All of the decorations, favors, confetti, and bunting were hand made by the bride and her friends and family, so much thought and effort went into every little detail – it looked stunning!

It was a scorcher too! The sun shone down on all of the guests and the smiles and drinks flowed nicely into the evening and the stunning golden hour. It was beautiful to capture the sun outlining the happy newlyweds; we threw the bouquet in this light too, which created some gorgeous images and some proper belly laughs!

The day went without a hitch; you could tell that Katrina and Matt were completely and utterly taken with each other. To see true love like that is such an honour, they say that the eyes are the window to the soul, and it’s part of my job to witness the most honest emotions as the bride walks down the aisle – you can’t fake the way these two looked at each other - it was a true “sigh” moment!

This wedding was so enjoyable, no stress at all, everyone loved being there, and every ones spirits were high. It was definitely a wedding that you never want to finish!

"My dear, our souls met long before our eyes did."