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Having done Claire and Aidan’s engagement shoot around London, I was so looking forward to shooting their wedding in Co. Donegal, Ireland. Knowing Ireland I was fully prepared for rain and cold, but low and behold the day was absolutely fabulous! Glorious sunshine from start to finish! It was very strange for the season, but hey, we weren’t complaining!

I joined Claire at her family home where the sunshine was streaming in, they had recently cleared up their garden, so whilst the girls were getting ready I took the opportunity to hang the dress outside on one of the trees that was just coming into blossom - a few weeks longer would have been perfect! But it still looked great hanging on the branches with the help from Gerry, Claire’s father. Getting into her dress in a beautiful room covered wall to wall in pictures of family occasions made it even more personal and special, and the moment everyone saw Claire in her dress was beautiful to watch.

Heading to the Cathedral, Aidan looked eager to see his bride, and as she walked down the long aisle there was plenty of time to take in how gorgeous she looked. The Cathedral was quite dark, and with the bright sunshine streaming in it created some beautiful combinations of light and shade. As they were walking in they are backed by a bright glow, and as they said their vows, beams of sunlight hit Claire and Aidan, putting everything else into shade – gorgeous.

Heading to the reception we all jumped on a double decker bus! A bit of London in Letterkenny! What made it even more fun was when the booze arrived! Handing over bottles of beer and gin and tonics, the bus was buzzing! One of the groomsmen found the announcement mic and a sing-a-long started, ending with the Bride and Groom giving their guests gorgeous musical renditions!

We then jumped into the Bridal party cars and headed up to a beautiful old fort Grianan of Aileach, the sun was blazing down, shades were on and the wind picked up, giving some brilliant dramatic veil blowing shots. The bridal party was up for anything and were game to climb the fort to get some epic landscape shots. Now normally facing into the sun is not the done thing, I normally take everyone into the shade, but location and venue definitely needed these images this way round, so we have the mountains and sea in the background – also, it was such a rare weather day - why hide it!

Heading back to the reception, speeches included laughter, tears, an original song by the best man, ketchup and chips (don’t ask!) and ended with a flash mob from the guests! Claire and Aidan, definitely out did everyone with their choreographed first dance, as they set the tone for the party that raged on through into the early hours of the day. A truly fantastic wedding! Lets do it all again!

"And I love her so, I wouldn't trade her for Gold."