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Dreading rain on you wedding day? 
Don’t fear, your photographer’s here!

As a wedding photographer, I know that we are always prepared for rain/snow/wind or whatever else mother natural wants to throw our way! Even on the sunniest day in August, you can rest assured that your photographer will always have wet weather ideas and plans up their sleeve.

You may have looked at the weather forecast and seen – heavy rain warning for the entire day! Though I can reassure you, that there will always be a break in the weather - even if it’s just for 5 minutes - the rain will always die off for a moment or two. So you can run with your photographer to get a picture of you two newlyweds by that fountain in the grounds that you simply must have!

Never, in all my rainy weddings, has it rained throughout the entire day – just make sure you tell your photographer, that any time they see the weather clear, you are fine to drop everything (normally during the meal!) and head outside. And for those few minutes be ready to embrace the cold air that rain tends to bring, don’t waste time looking for a jacket, or if you can, have your maid of honour/best man on board to drop everything too, and hold the umbrella/keep you both warm in-between shots.

Although rain/fog/snow is never what you plan for your big day, it’s not the end of the world. It can create lovely dramatic pictures that add to the story of your day, and make it memorable. Plus, when you do get that break in the downpour, there’s always those puddles and dark skies to add drama to your couple shots.

And if, by some horrible twist of fate it is tipping it down or you’re being battered by a gale force blizzard for the entire day without a break, then rest assured - it may not have been your plan, but your venue (normally) is quite beautiful inside too!

If they are advertising as a wedding venue, your photographer will have visited and researched, and know that they can capture you beautifully by the sweeping staircase, next to the old fire place, or by the original large windows.

These gorgeous venues often have their interiors forgotten about and left behind! Maybe it’s a good thing when you’re choosing your venue to have a look at – if you like the inside as equally as the outside then you won’t feel as hard done by when we use the inside for your couple shots.

If it does rain – embrace it! There’s nothing you can do to fix the weather – so instead of letting it ruin your mood/day, try and shrug it off, get the umbrella out, and enjoy! Go back to that happy place as a child of jumping in puddles! After all, if you are married at the end of the day, that is the most important thing – and they do say it’s good luck to have a rainy wedding day – if you can get through that together and come out the other side happily, you can get through the rest of your lives together!

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