Storm Barbara, Drums and Pipes • Edinburgh • The Signet Library • Documentary Wedding Photography

With Storm Barbara on her way – the worst storm Scotland was due to see in a while – we knew that the day would be unforgettable!  Heading to the getting ready addresses the winds really started blowing and the sheets of rain didn’t give up! It made this winter wedding even darker than it would normally be, but none of this dampened any spirits. The day was lovely and relaxed as I went to school with the bride for 8 years, we were in the same class and her sisters also attended the school, so it gave me a lovely warm and fuzzy feeling throughout the whole day! It’s always such an honor to shoot an old friends wedding, I felt very lucky.

Heading to the beautiful Signet Library on The Royal Mile, the weather didn’t give in, meaning bridesmaids legging it from the taxis past the pipe player who was now and again sheltered by a chivalrous groomsman with an umbrella! Once all were in, the celebration of two cultures blended together as pipe playing turned into Indian drums, which introduced the bridal party and lastly the bride. She looked radiant walking down the aisle; she was absolutely stunning. The ceremony was personalized with speeches from the father of the groom and the brother of the bride, followed by a hand fasting ceremony in which they literally tied the knot!

The celebrations started as I whisked the newlyweds outside along with a brother and groomsman to help with umbrella holding and dress holding and most importantly crowd stopping! It was fantastic timing as the rain momentarily stopped and as the weather was so bad there were hardly any public around, any that were there were held back by my ‘assistants’ for the day, which made the bride and groom laugh, which in turn led to great photo moments! The fun continued late into the night with all their guests up for dancing and getting involved the dance floor was full and the whole room was literally shaking! What a fabulous day – rain? Who cares! 

"Wild are the winds to meet you, Staunch are the friends that greet you, Kind as the love that shines from fair maidens' eyes."