Short and sweet • Morden Wedding Photographer • Natural Wedding Photography

I arrived at this short wedding early to have a good look round the venue. The sun was shining and it was lovely and warm. I spotted a few different locations that were great for my newlywed shots after the ceremony, including a row of lavender and a weeping willow!

The bride was a little late, but she looked stunning as she pulled up with her entourage in a white limo! The bridesmaids wore princess pink dresses and the Bride glowed as she walked towards the venue.  Normally when the bride arrives myself and the planner make sure everyone including the groom is inside and waiting, so that the Bride and her dress can be a surprise for everyone. However, this bride didn’t mind that everyone was outside enjoying the weather! She greeted friends and family, and the only person not there was her groom – so it would be a surprise for him.

As it was a warm day the ceremony room had all the windows and doors open, and white flowing fabric blew inwards with the breeze. With Ewell Court House backing onto a park, the views were fab. We looked out onto flowers and trees, the occasional walker and passers by didn’t intrude at all.

After the ceremony I used the park for their couple photos, using the locations I had looked at before, I took them on a 15 minute walk around a few key points. Allowing them to have a bit of quiet time away, together as newlyweds, I always find my couples love this time away before they head back into the party.

After this I took a few natural shots of their friends and family milling around, trying to create different and interesting shots, working with symmetry and playing with precise moments. I wish them all the happiness for the future. 


"Hidden underneath the weeping willow, my love waits."