Fix the dress! • Hammersmith Wedding Photographer • Ealing Golf Club Wedding Photographer

Arriving at the hotel there was a lot going on, hair, makeup, flowers, phone calls back and forth to other guests – I love the busy hum of a wedding morning! Everything was on time though and going well. Chris had already shed a few tears – I knew from our pre-wedding consultation that she was a bit of a crier! There’s nothing wrong with that! I always tell my brides, there’s nothing wrong with crying on your big day! It’s a stressful few months, sometimes years, that have all led up to one day, and the emotion and relief can be overwhelming.

As we were preparing to go, one of the bridesmaids dresses broke! The zip completely failed, and this then led to an emergency sewing session! She was sewed into her dress – Olivia Newton John style in Grease! This last minute stress was a bit of a panic, but the bride jumped right in there and calmed everyone down, grabbed a needle and thread and started sewing – it was a great job! No one would ever know!

I left for the church and got there just before the white taxis pulled up! What a fantastic idea for transport - they had everyone’s heads turned! The ceremony was simple and beautiful, it was a very strict church, so I was limited to only certain moments and one position – right at the back. You just have to respect these wishes and try and get the best shots from these distances. I love challenges, so this never worries me when I am asked to stay at the back, sometimes you can get certain shots that you would have never thought about!

We moved onto Ealing Golf Club with the newlyweds, sitting down for food and then listening to some beautiful speeches. We had the three main speeches, and then it was lovely to see the microphone opened up to any of the guests if they would like to say a few words. Lots of tears were shed at this point, and the emotion and love felt was beautiful. The night hit the floor running, with a photo booth and printing service and the DJ getting floor fillers on quickly. What a fabulous day, and a very deserving couple.


"When somethings broke, you fix it!"