I loved her first • Ruislip Wedding Photographer • Q Vardis Wedding Photographer

It was an absolutely glorious day when I arrived at Tom’s house for his getting ready shots. The beautiful house was the perfect backdrop to capture Tom’s morning. The breakfast spread wasn’t too shabby either! Tears were shed as presents were exchanged, and the present from Tom’s soon to be wife had everybody a little teared up.  I left Tom to get ready in peace as I left to see Amy. The beautiful Barn Hotel in Ruislip was a perfect getting ready location. The room was massive, and had fantastic floor to ceiling windows letting in tons of light, which was fab! I really enjoy this part of the day, and especially with Amy and her family. Everyone was so lovely, chilled and happy. I loved catching a few darker images as I followed Amy to a different room to finish off her hair, I’m in love with contrast, so this was a perfect moment to work with light and dark.

As Amy arrived the emotion build up was obvious to see and as she walked down the aisle to her soon to be husband, this emotion spilled out beautifully. She was glowing! There were precious moments of laughter and tears in the ceremony with a speech from Amy’s nephew and a song from her sister-in-law. It’s always very touching when there is an element of uniqueness and family involvement during the ceremony.

As the newlyweds walked down the aisle together exiting the church, we had a great moment of laughter as Amy’s dress got caught! She exited into the sunshine and blustery winds, which allowed great shots of her veil flying everywhere! The whole day was centered around family, and her fathers speech in which he sang “I loved her first” was the first speech I’ve ever seen to get a standing ovation!

A beautifully touching day, filled with family, friends, laughter and love.

"And I prayed that she'd find you someday, 
But it's still hard to give her away, I loved her first."