Watching the Bridge rise • London Wedding Photographer • Documentary Wedding Photography

They say it brings good luck to witness Tower Bridge rising, as it doesn't happen very often. So imagine our delight when walking across the bridge capturing engagement photos, when the alarms sound for exactly that! As the bridge rose I couldn't help getting some moments of this happening with the happy couple in the foreground. Of course I would love to say, I planned the whole thing as it did appear to be perfect timing - but, I guess it was a stroke of luck! Hopefully this luck will stay with these two lovebirds for the rest of their lives together. Walking across Tower Bridge was fairly early on in our shoot, and perhaps luck was shining on us that Sunday as the rain stayed off and the sky remained a perfect soft box for the shoot! No harsh shadows, no rain and it was warm too! I have to say stopping half way for a beer made the day shoot that bit more special, and hearing all about the wedding plans and location was fab.

I love having a little history with my clients, and with Aidan and Claire who attended my own wedding, it made the shoot even more meaningful to be with friends. This also meant that in a completely selfish way I could push them to do a few more 'out there' things during the photos - and they were totally up for it! Piggy backs, silly books, bubbles, water fountains and general giggles made the shoot fly by. 

It was nearer the end of the shoot when they asked me to be the one to capture their actually wedding too! What an honour! I'm so excited for next year already, and I'm so ready to book my flights over to Ireland to see the venue - I've already started looking! I am a very lucky girl - thanks Tower Bridge! With the luck of the Bridge and the luck of Irish on their side I'm sure we're in for an incredible celebration of life and love at their wedding. 

Aidan and Claire are just meant for each other - it's that simple. I now can't remember them apart. They are a team, and just fit. Bring on next year, and bring on the rest of their lives together!

"And it's just my luck, to end up getting stuck, to everything you are."