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It was lovely being with Sarah during her wedding morning. I arrived just after she had done her bridesmaids hair and she was glowing! It was a gorgeous morning, lovely and warm, the sun was shining and her family and friends were calmly and steadily getting ready. It was a very calm and relaxed morning, which was fab. The backdrop for the getting ready shots was fantastic - a beautifully decorated, light, bright house, with white walls and sofas and a lovely neutral background for all the shots.

I jumped into my car heading to the church before Sarah got into the chauffeur driven car. I normally head off to the church before the Bride so I can capture her guests arriving at the Church and the Groom’s nervous looks! It also means that I am there and in position to capture the brides arrival – and oh what an arrival! The windows of the car were down, and she beamed out of the window, the people on the high street stopped to see - she looked beautiful.

The ceremony went smoothly and celebrations were well under way as we headed from the church to The Royal Berkshire Hotel. As we arrived in the beautiful grounds, the heavens opened - as has been the theme of a lot of my June weddings! Although it was a shame that we couldn’t then go through the gardens, The Royal Berkshire is so stunning that we still managed to get some lovely couple shots around the house itself, including around the spiraling staircase.

The speeches were fab! Getting everyone laughing and crying, and just as deserts were brought out the sun made an appearance! I grabbed the newlyweds and we managed to get some quick shots outside with the happy couple -  I’m so thankful for that moment of dryness, they looked so in love, it was gorgeous to see! I wish them all the happiness for the future, and many more sunny days together!


"Although it may be raining here,

above the clouds, the sun is always shining."