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It was obvious from first meeting these two that family was incredibly important to them as well as good beer! I could see from how early their guests turned up how eager and excited they were for Suzy and John to tie the knot. This was a wedding where they preferred me to meet them for the ceremony and by-pass any getting ready shots, this is a completely personal decision, and sometimes the bride and her family enjoy having their wedding morning to themselves which I completely respect.  

Joining them for the ceremony, Suzy looked stunning walking down the aisle with her parents on either side. - a very proud moment for them all. The ceremony was lovely and personal, and had added meaning with readings from family members. You could see they meant the world to the happy couple, and even had some of their guests in tears! As the rings and vows were exchanged Suzy’s Dad showed beautiful emotion, you could tell it was such a proud and prominent moment for him, it was lovely to witness.

After the ceremony we went in for drinks and photos. All went lovely and smoothly which was fab! I had great help from the bride and grooms brother and sister which helped a lot, especially with some of the bigger family combinations! When there are such big families, it’s hard sometimes to try and capture them all, but I do try my best to capture as many as possible. Through out the day and ceremony I begin to learn who the closest relations are and try and focus on them. During the breaks in the meal is a great time for this as people are milling around and have had a few drinks so don’t notice me getting closer for a shot! It was such a fab day with emotional speeches and a great first dance that included everyone! A lovely way to begin married life! 


"Family, friends, and fun - 3 things never to forget"