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It was an absolute pleasure to be a part of this couples day. It was made extremely special by the families close connection with the church, and the Bride’s Father actually marrying the couple. The day was full of love and celebration. We started off early getting ready in the vicarage, it was gloriously sunny outside, and the weather really was perfect. The atmosphere was very calming and jobs were getting done as they needed to be, no one was rushing around or panicking, it was a very chilled and well-paced morning.

The first look of the Bride’s father left lumps in the throats of us all, he beamed with pride for her and it was clear to see that he was over the moon to be so involved in her day. The Church was a minute walk from the Vicarage, but even despite the short distance the Bride still decided to arrive in style, and had a white rolls Royce drive her bridesmaids and herself and Father to the Church! I was lucky enough to ride in the front seat with them to capture some intimate moments before stepping out of the car.

The ceremony was magical, with her Father walking her down the ailse and then later actually marrying them, everyone in the congregation was beaming. It’s lovely to see such a big community coming together in faith and love, and of course because the Brides Father was the Vicar, I managed to gain the privilege of being at the front of the Church for the ceremony, whereas a lot of other Church’s prefer photographers to stay at the back. I thank the family for this opportunity; it does make such a big difference.

The day was packed full of laughs, the speeches were fabulous and contained various props which always gets the guests going! I left as the party was in full swing, and I was lucky enough to catch the groom lighting up a cigar with his friends outside – a shot that I absolutely love.

I wish them the very best in their future together.


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