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The first ceremony of two for this gorgeous couple, and what a ceremony it was! The colours at an Indian wedding are always fantastic! Beautiful, bright, vibrant colours, and they were made even more vivid by the sunshine! Getting ready and watching the methods of putting on saris and the laughter that came with that was fab! The hotel room was a great space, it had an adjoining room in which everyone got dresses in so I could move around the space a lot and get lots of different view points. We headed over to the ceremony venue where friends and family were gathering, and rituals were already taking place. This first part of the day doesn’t involve the groom, it is focused on the bride and her family and preparing her for the upcoming marriage. There are beautiful symbolic and religious rituals during this, in which all the family get involved. The overall feeling of the day is just joy and happiness, the celebration of two families coming together – it’s beautiful. When we arrived, the Bride had to change almost straight away, changing in the toilet of the social club was so fun! Everyone came to help, folding up the previous sari and helping with the new one, the light was also really good in the toilet which was a nice surprise!

After the bride had finished her side of the rituals we went back to the hotel to change a third time into her official marriage outfit. Again, she looked absolutely stunning. We avoided traffic that had built up and got back to the venue hiding in the toilet whilst Jeremy went through his side of the traditional rituals - ending with a little nose grab by the brides mum! As the groom sat under the Mandap he was hidden as his bride walked in, lowering the fabric they saw each other for the first time that day. Pouring water over their joined hands, tying a knot above them, and joining them together with string, the ceremony went ahead. They took their 7 steps together and laughed at a quick game of who was going to sit down first and therefore take the lead in the marriage! It was an absolute privilege to be part of this ceremony, and there was more laughter and love to come the next day at Stubton Hall.

"Great fun and great traditions"