Don't rain on our parade • The Watermill Hotel Wedding Photographer • Hemel Hempstead Wedding Photographer

I arrived in brilliant sun to The Watermill Hotel in Hemel Hempstead, it was gloriously warm and Spring was in the air. Graeme was nervous but extremely excited about marrying Joanna. Their guests filled the bar area, and spilled out onto the decking above the lake, glasses chinked and laughter was filling the air. As this was a shorter wedding day than normal, I quickly checked in with Joanna before heading back to the bar to capture candid moments of the guests enjoying themselves. The best man, also Graeme’s brother was leading the masses, and directing everyone, giving them a count down to the ceremony so they could drink up! Just as everyone was being rounded up the heavens opened! We knew the forecast had been for showers but with the sun shining earlier we were all hopeful but as we all know living in this country, especially in April, you can’t rely on a little bit of sunshine!

It definitely didn’t dampen the spirits though, our bearded best man still managed to keep everyone, especially the groom smiling when he organized everyone to walk to the ceremony room the wrong way! As the room filled up the nerves grew and there was a double check and a triple check of the rings. The brides mum shed a little tear as everyone rose for the bridal party. The groom took some deep breaths as his bride walked towards him, she looked stunning! There was laughter, tears, jokes and heart felt sentiments as the ceremony progressed. With the room having spot lighting it didn’t aid in the taking of photos as the shadows and highlights become quite strong, however I managed to lighten these and give a matte effect in photoshop to soften the look. Luckily we could go outside afterwards to take the couple photos as the decking the venue had was undercover. I love this moment of a wedding, where the couple get to enjoy each other and not entertain. We caught some beautiful moments where you can definitely see the love that these to newlyweds have for each other. I wish them all the happiness in the future.


"Love and laughter go hand in hand."