Play in the leaves, love in the rain • Virginia Water Photographer • Wedding Photographer

This was a very last minute engagement session organised for pictures for e-invitations (which I think is a fabulous idea!) When Katie and Chris asked me for the session I immediately thought of Virginia Water Park for our location. Early November, with the soft light and changing leaves, we had such a beautiful backdrop. It is so vast that on the various paths and lanes you can lose the crowds and we ended up feeling like we had the park to ourselves at some points!

It was so lovely taking an hours walk around a small section of the immense park. It has so many locations for perfect images: tree lined pathways, the lake backdrop, woodland and believe it or not a random totem pole in there too! I loved taking them off the paths and into the trees, especially with all the fallen leaves and moss beds. They were up for anything too which was fab! Piggybacks, swinging and spinning, lying down on the fallen leaves, even throwing leaves at each other and me!

I absolutely love these two! It felt like a walk with friends. My creative juices were buzzing throughout the session with all the amazing colours around us, we especially took advantage of the most amazing red leaved tree, it was a perfect height and its branches perfectly leant towards the ground creating a little den for Katie and Chris to get nice and cosy in! The other highlight was the last few shots as the sun was going down. We stood right next to the edge of the water and, as if planned, two swans came swimming over into the shot - magic! We got the final shot just as the rain started to pour down, which was very apt for these two as their first kiss was in the rain! Swoon!

I’m already in love with these two, and can not wait for their wedding!


"Kiss me in the rain, hug me through the storm, hold my hand when lightening flashes, and when the thunder roars."