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When I heard the locations for Farsheen and Chris' wedding - The Shard and The Globe, needless to say my mind went into overdrive and I could not wait to capture their day!

It was the day after their Indian ceremony, so it was great to walk into the hotel room knowing friends faces and having that instant feeling of relaxation and fun. The Shard was breathtaking, and taking images by the massive floor to ceiling windows was a dream! The natural light streaming through and the tint on the windows produced the most flattering light, all the ladies especially Farsheen looked stunning. Laughs and giggles filled the room as everyone got ready, then we made our way to The Swan at The Globe, which looks over the Thames and over to St Paul's Cathedral. The sun beamed down and smiled on the whole day.

It was beautifully light in The Swan and perfect for the lovely personalised ceremony with family readings and jokes shared between all. As the newlyweds kissed and made their way down the aisle, cheers and applause resounded through the room and down through the open windows to the street below. After the formal shots I took Farsheen and Chris for a walk along the Thames, through the crowds and towards the Tate, where they had their first date! We got some beautiful natural shots of the happy couple in the glow of the late summer sun - I could have shot them for hours it was so beautiful! 

After having some time away we joined the rest of the guests and headed down into the dark and beautifully dramatic underglobe. With theatre lighting, candelabras and spotlight on the cake, it really looked like a set of a great movie. The speeches had tears and laughter and flowed into the first dance which was a great club track, getting everyone dancing straight away!!! I can't tell you how much I loved this wedding! I felt like part of the family and I know that Chris and Farsheen will have a long happy life together. Cheers to them!