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The sun beat down after a week of showers on this wedding day. I arrived to find the gorgeous bride getting ready, with unfortunately a bit of a sad tone. When planning a wedding you plan the biggest expense down to the smallest detail, and make sure that everything about your big day is how you want it. What you can’t plan for is your nearest family members suddenly unable to come. This is what happened for our bride and groom. It’s nothing you can prepare for, however, despite her Neice being in hospital undergoing an appendix operation (and therefore her sister being unable to attend too) the bride, and everyone around her tried to keep cheery. There were still smiles and laughter, champagne and giggles. After getting into her wedding dress the look her father had on his face was overwhelming pride and love – she was stunning!

We headed off to the venue, the sun still shining with all its might. Guests were greeted by a very cool groom, who’s groomsmen were stars in supporting him and helping people get to their seats. There was lots of man-love going on before the ceremony! It was fantastic to see such a great bunch of friends being together and watching that bond before the big moment.

The Bride looked stunning! Tears and laughter throughout the ceremony had everyone smiling, and to top it all off, after they said the ‘I do’s’ and left the ceremony room, the Bride’s sister arrived! She had managed to get away from the hospital for a moment to come to the wedding. The emotions at that minute just overflowed – what an amazing moment!

This joy continued as we entered the wedding breakfast venue and everyone had a few drinks, enjoyed the food and conversation. The speeches were fab, lots and lots of laughter as well as heart felt expressions of pride and love. Into the evening, and the first dance followed by the father of the bride dance had me fighting back tears – the love between a father and daughter was so clear to see, it had me quite choked. And to think the day couldn’t get any better, the Bride’s beautiful Neice had been discharged from hospital and arrived in her bridesmaid dress in time for the party! A truly amazing day with a fairytale ending!


"Dreams really do come true."