Lavender and Hops in The Lost Village of Dode • Kent Wedding Photographer • Lost Village of Dode Wedding Photographer

It was a gorgeous summers day in Kent, I pulled up to Brandshatch hotel and spa and straight away saw the fantastic blue thunderbird parked outside ready to take the bride to the ceremony. Emotions were flowing and excitement was building.

Everything about this wedding was very unique and personal which I absolutely loved! The dress was stunning with a green corset top and separate skirt the game of thrones style dress was absolutely stunning, and the colour of it as it changed in different lights was just brilliant. When I normally take wedding photos, I convert around 60% into black and white, but with this wedding I found it so hard to convert the images because the colours of the whole day were just stunning. It was such a gorgeous pallet of lavenders, greens, bright pinks, light yellows and vibrant purples. The colours just blended beautifully. Another addition to colour were the brides and her sisters tattoos which were a work of art in themselves, looking like their own personal watercolour – which is one of the reasons I am in love with the shot below of the bride with her bare back to me with her skirt on – absolutely love the colours and softness of the image.

I was very excited to get to the ceremony as I knew that the location was very unique – Dode church is an old church – now used for registrar services. It has straw covering the ground, burning torches on the walls and candles burning everywhere. It is gorgeously old and rustic and has such a fantastic atmosphere. It is dark and warm, it was incredibly romantic and I’m sure the guests will never forget it – neither will I! It is set in rolling hills and boosts its own ring of stones. Absolutely stunning!

As the bride arrived excitement grew, and we had two ceremonies to look forward to. The atmospheric, gothic service in the Church; and then onto the hand fasting ceremony outside in the ring of stones. In this ceremony the couple answer questions with ‘I may’, ‘I will not’ or ‘I will” and they literally tie the knot, with string being wrapped around their clasped hands 7 times with each question and answer. It was an absolute delight to be able to witness this ceremony; it is something very different but very meaningful.

The celebrations carried on into the night with a hog roast and speeches, ending with the brides’ sister serenading the guests with her gorgeous voice and her guitar. The whole day felt warm and full of love. I embraced the gothic feel and left my flash off the camera, allowing for some grain in the images, maintaining the atmosphere instead of shattering it with light. It was an absolute please to be part of this special day – it’s one I wont forget.

"The promises made today, and the ties that are bound here, greatly strengthen your union and will cross the years and the lives of each soul's growth."