When you wish upon a star... • Natural Wedding Photographer • Q Vardis Wedding photographer

This wedding was truly magical. With a Disney theme and Minnie and Mickey mouse stickers on the bottom of shoes - love was bound to take over the day.

The groom was making tea when I arrived, the best man was taking to his duties like a trouper, getting all the ironing done and making sure the shoes were nicely buffed. The grooms' dad was organising taxis, and the aftermath of present opening could be seen in the front room. The Bride had made a special individualised parcels for the people involved, including a survival kit which had been personalised for each person.

When I left to go to see the blushing bride, I took with me a very special gift from the groom. A beautiful present of a bag to match her shoes - a gift which took a lot of probing and Sherlock-Holmes-type investigating to make sure it was a perfect match. We already had tears! The bubbly was popped and the makeup, hair and lashes were getting fixed. Happy tears filled the getting ready process with gorgeous gifts and sentiments given to the bride, and the revealing of the bridesmaids in their dresses, and of course, the bride in her dress brought tears to everyone’s eyes. She truly was a fairytale princess. 

The day continued with happy tears and laughter; when the bride arrived at the Church it finally sunk in that this was it - she was going to marry the love of her life - her dad supported her as she stepped out of the car and into the church, after a last minute veil adjustment. You could hear the gasps as she walked down the aisle - she was stunning.

The service was beautiful and the vows got everyone choked up, it ended with a swooping disney kiss and massive smiles! It was an absolute joy to see. We got into the swing of the party at Q Vardis where Disney films named each table and fairy lights created a romantic atmosphere. With the speeches there was a very special mention and photos placed on faces for the family that were in Australia - a beautiful touch. The speeches were heart felt and loving and really showed how much love there were between the families. 

We got the party started with the brides' cheerleaders swinging her up into the air! The drinks were flowing, Disney’s greatest hits rocked the dance floor and everyone had an amazing time! 

To end the fairytale they had the most beautiful first dance followed by a father and daughter dance, this was so touching and heart warming. The whole day left you with that warm fuzzy feeling that Disney films do - you left believing in true love.

Thank you for letting me be a part of the fairytale.

"True love's kiss"