Mr Lincoln Baker - Hello World

On the last day of February 2015, I met this little man. As I arrived he was sleeping soundly in his little onesie and looking adorable! We let him wake up naturally as I set up the studio and started talking to Phoebe, his gorgeous older sister and Lincoln's parents, Graham and Rebekah. I was lucky enough to have taken their wedding photos last year, and it was so lovely to see them again and meet their new arrival. This session was so much fun, we were joined by Lincoln's grandparents, auntie and dog Daisy! Everyone got so involved in entertaining Lincoln to get some smiles and laughs out of him. I laughed so much during those 2 hours, especially when a giggling minion joined in with the fun, and Tiger was sitting on my shoulder!

It was so great to be able to have so much family there, we managed to get loads of variety and combinations - Lincoln was a cool cat and didn't mind being passed around at all. He was amazing throughout the whole shoot - only getting a little warm at the end, when he was wearing his Chelsea blues! 

I loved getting the shots of both Lincoln and Phoebe lying on the floor, when she kissed him he turned to look at her and held her head - such a precious moment. We also managed to get Daisy into a picture with Lincoln! I've never seen such a well trained dog! She was up on her hind legs for ages while I shot away! Amazing! 

I absolutely loved this session, it was an amazing feeling to think that when I was shooting Rebekah and Graham's wedding last May, that little Lincoln was there! To see him in the flesh and to see what a cute and funny little man he is was just amazing.

"Oh I'm home again, 
I see my wife, my little boy, little girl, 
Hello World"