A Dark and Intimate Winter Wedding • Winter Wedding Photographer • Surrey Wedding Photographer

Winter weddings are gorgeous. The dark days and evenings create a very different atmosphere to summer weddings, which worked fantastically for this coupe and their intimate day.

There were only a handful of guests attending, most of who had travelled down from Scotland the day before. The ceremony was at 3 at which time the sun had already set and the fairy lights really came into play. Getting ready was a relaxed affair with hair, makeup, flowers, dresses and lots of laughter. I loved the beams in the bridal suite; we had to duck under them to get into the other section of the room! This is a gorgeous touch of history that I loved incorporating into the images.

Nerves were flowing as we left the bridal suite and walked down to the ceremony room. The small room had fairy lights and chandeliers mixed with old paintings hanging up and a fireplace at the back keeping everyone warm. The dark room kept the ceremony very personal and warm, I kept using natural light instead of a flash as this to me always feels a less interruptive method, plus, I love natural light, even when its dark! Yes there is always more noise or grain in the image, but that image then still represents the day, and not a bright flash-exposed snapshot. You can be arty with the light and create some warm, interesting captures.

I did bring out the flash when it came to the couple shots though as we went outside and the sun had fully set! I love editing these images afterwards and bringing out the rich blues in the darken sky and every now and again adding a little sparkle to the shot!

This was a gorgeous winter wedding and although there was no snow, I’m sure the day was extremely magical for the bride and groom.

"Add a little sparkle."