Pastel Pinks, and Love beyond all odds • Surrey Wedding Photographer • Natural Wedding Photography

Starting the day at the Church, it was absolutely glorious! The sun was beaming down as the guests made their way to their seats and the big red bus pulled up! The Bride and her bridal party walked the short distance from the bus to the church through blooming flowers. It was fab watching them all walking towards the church, lots of deep breaths were taken and nervous excitement was buzzing in the air.

The soft pastel pinks and purples of the dresses blended so beautifully together and matched the surrounding flowers outside the church. The ceremony had an extra special moment because their son was getting baptized aswell! This was such a beautiful thing to be a part of and such a lovely combination of the two occasions. Friends and family laughed as the water washed over their son’s head, and everyone was beaming.

This wedding day was especially moving was the Groom had been suffering from a bad health. The fact that they were both there on that day with their friends and family meant more to them than anything else. I could see throughout the day just how much they loved each other, and how much they had been through, both of them a rock for each other. During their couple shots we went for a short walk around some of the gardens of the golf course, they were so comfortable and relaxed with each other and so happy being Husband and Wife. It is such a special part of the day where the bride and groom can spend quality time with each other away from their friends and family. A chance for them to be together and a good excuse to kiss more than once!

I love being a part of weddings, I get to witness love at it’s most heightened, I get to be let into the world’s of others and share in their stories. A truly heart warming day.

"You are my rock"