A Halloween wedding in the warmest October ever!

This was an absolutely beautiful day - the sun was shining and it was 20 degrees on the 31st of October! As the bride and groom lived within 15 minutes of each other I was able to get the groom getting ready, as well as the bride, which was great. At the grooms' it was coffee, hair and dressing - and it was surprising calm - the groom letting me into the secret that he only got his shirt the day before! The halloween costumes and sweets were out ready to come along for the day too! The bride arrived at hers after the hairdressers for makeup, champagne and to put on the dress - everyone worked so well together, and had a blast getting ready for the big occasion. The church looked beautiful in the sun, and everyone was nervously anticipating the bride. Boy - she looked stunning! The service was extra special because it was taken by one of the grooms' cousins, making it very personal and heart warming. The whole day was full of laughter, I especially enjoyed taking the couple away to get some shots together as the sun was going down, and joining them in the car driving onto the evening party at Leadenhall market. The day was fantastic! Full of good company, laughs and love.